Were you one of the unlucky ones and you received a DUI yesterday or sometime this week?  If so, please use AttorneyGuide.com to find a Certified Ethical Attorney to represent you.  Why is it important for you to use an ethical lawyer?  Well, considering that this is your life and [...]

DUI on the 4th in Vegas? Get a Lawyer

I thought I would share some interesting commentary that was written in the Reno Gazette Journal earlier this week.  Here’s the original commentary: I have concerns about the operations of the Nevada State Bar, whose stated mission is “to govern the legal profession, to serve our members, and to protect [...]

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Sexual Harassment Lawyer Las Vegas NV If you believe you’ve been sexually harassed while on the job, please contact a Certified Ethical Lawyer today.  It is absolutely against the law for an employer not to protect you while you’re at work.  If you think you have a case and can [...]

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Another shocking thing happened last week.  We had a person go online and purchase a membership to our website, www.attorneyguide.com.  That person is claiming to be a practicing attorney in the state of NV.  Come to find out, the state bar had no knowledge of this individual and they have [...]

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