Verify if your Las Vegas Lawyer is Certified Ethical 1

As you already know, lawyers don’t have the best reputation.  Sadly, they have brought it upon themselves.  There are very good lawyers out there that are experts in their field and that are ethical.  The question becomes, how do you know if the lawyer you hired is ethical? is a directory that lists Certified Ethical attorneys based on practice area and location.  Each attorney that is interested in joining AttorneyGuide will go through a certification process.  This process entails performing a discipline check with the State Bar of Nevada as well as performing research on the internet.  If the attorney passes our certification process, they are listed on our website.  This is the best way to find a specific lawyer as well as finding an attorney you know you can trust to be ethical.  With over 600 lawyers in Las Vegas and 300 in Reno, you must have a good resource available to know which ones are ethical.  Please consider using to find a lawyer for your needs.  We have lawyers available for any of the following practice areas:

Las Vegas & Reno

Criminal, personal injury, divorce, family, child custody, DUI, business, employment, discrimination, social security, veterans

We have law firms that are small and law firms with multiple lawyers.  I would highly recommend that you verify if your attorney is Certified Ethical before you make the decision to hire them.


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