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I thought I would share some interesting commentary that was written in the Reno Gazette Journal earlier this week.  Here’s the original commentary:

I have concerns about the operations of the Nevada State Bar, whose stated mission is “to govern the legal profession, to serve our members, and to protect the public interest.” Despite this, the Bar seems to operate behind closed doors, with virtually no public disclosure, and are more concerned about serving the interests of attorneys than protecting the public.

The Bar operates under the auspices of the Nevada Supreme Court, allowing them great autonomy, with (apparently) no need to answer to the public. What other Nevada regulatory agency operates in such secrecy and impunity?

There is a fundamental conflict between the best interests of the Nevada legal profession and those of the general public. Open disclosure of attorneys’ unethical actions gives the whole industry a black eye. It is much better public relations to keep the matter secret. But how does the public know that the appropriate action has been taken? How does this help the public to be selective and knowledgeable about hiring an attorney?

This harkens back to the manner in which some leaders in the Catholic Church managed to keep secret their problems with a few priests while young children paid a heavy price.

John Sherriff, Incline Village|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

There were some great comments that were posted in response:


    Cliff Lange · University of Nevada, Reno

    In response to the letter written by John Sheriff regarding the Nevada State Bar, he apparently is not aware of a website which directly addresses the issues he raised. That website — — was created about 15 years ago to help the public find Nevada attorneys who have a strong history of ethical conduct and who have not been subject to any disciplinary actions by the State Bar. 

    Before a lawyer can listed on that website, AttorneyGuide provides a rigorous background check which includes peer reviews, better business bureau evaluations, an assessment of local and state bar associations for ethical complaints as well as analyzing any advertising by the attorney to ensure that it meets State Bar standards. As a result, lists some of the best attorneys in town.

    We really need to get the word out that resources like this exist. Imagine if we spread the word about good ethical attorneys in town and they started getting all the business? Don’t you think that would make the other attorneys want to work harder to improve their image by doing the right things?


    Dennis Gunn 

    The law profession no longer serves people, unless they have money. Even state agencies designed to act as mediators to protect individuals usually render decisions in favor of the employers. Once in office, lawyers respond to the lobbies and learn how to subvert the intent of state and federal legislation, to the extent even, that when caught in illegal or unethical acts, such as Clarence Thomas on the supreme court, an act of congress can’t remove them. The “legality” is their cover. The law and justice are not synonymous; the corruption has been working its way from the top down for so long, there is little difference between the Washington’s inability to respond to the public good and the Nevada courts that represent the industries that continue to exploit the workers.

    Ty Robben · Top commenter · Sonora High 

    The legal system in Nevada is a complete cesspool of corruption, crime and coverups for these lawyers and judges who commit fraud on a regular basis. I’ve been ripped off by these people and I have to question – do they really think they are going to get away with it? The answer is I believe they think is yes, we do it all the time. Well I have decided that I will end this fraud very soon for the benefit of everyone. The end will come and make headlines… The fraud must and will die very soon.

      Barry Sprajc 

      Just keep what you’re doing on the low down… I’d hate to see my best friend found at the bottom of the lake.
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    George Book · Top commenter 

    Having been ripped off recently by a lawyer, and in my eyes, obviously. The Bar Association backed the lawyer.The lawyer was supposed to do a job in family court. He didn’t come close to doing the job. It turns out he or no one else could have done the job. Family court makes it’s own rules and even if you can prove your case the judge will not change a court decision handed down 32 years ago. Since Sir Ronald turned the DA loose with zero tolerance and disregard for 14th amendment rights. We are all being played and your turn might be next.

    Terry Anderson · Top commenter 

    Every time someone loses a case, it is always the fault of the crooked lawyer. They are always sure they had an airtight case and know much more about the law than their attorney. If they win, of course, it was because they had such a brilliant case, not because their attorney did a good job.