Jury Duty

Jury Duty

If Called To Serve On A Jury, Do I Have To Go?

Yes. Every person qualified to act as a juror, including high school students, must serve if called unless excused by the Court for some special reason.

What Are The Qualifications For Serving On A Jury?

You must be eligible to vote, a resident of the county in which you would serve, not so ill or disabled as to interfere with jury duty, and able to read and understand the English language. You cannot serve if you have a criminal conviction.

Do All People Who Are On The Jury Panel Actually Serve On A Jury?

No. More people are chosen than will be needed because some people are automatically excluded, and others might be excluded by the judge or the attorneys.

Are Certain People Automatically Excused From Jury Service?

Yes. Some federal and state employees, certain other employees and persons over 70 years old are frequently exempt from service as jurors.

Do People On A Jury Lose Their Salary?

Employers are required to give employees time off for jury service but are not required to continue wage payments.

Are Jurors Paid By The County?

Yes, jurors are typically paid a small amount per day and may be entitled to a mileage allowance.