Vegas attorney admits to stealing $300,000 from clients

Shocker, another Vegas Attorney is in trouble for stealing money from their clients. Las Vegas lawyer Lynn Shoen is the one being referenced here today.  How many articles do we need to reference before the public understands that there are shady lawyers out there that are willing to throw away their career because of greed and their inability to control themselves.  It makes me sick that the State Bar of Nevada isn’t doing more to educate the public about unscrupulous attorneys in Nevada.  This again is the reason why was created.  The term Ethical actually means something when you practice law and I implore each and every one of you to ask your attorney if they have proof of their ethical standing.  If not, choose someone else.  We have many attorney on our website that have gone through the process and allowed us to do a very thorough background check on their firm.  Please go to and do a search for an attorney today.  Check to see if your current lawyer is Certified Ethical.  If they aren’t, tell them that they need to contact us right away.  Thanks very much.

Here’s the link to the article.