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The Law Office of Virginia Hunt only represents injured workers with Nevada workers’ compensation claims. Have you been hurt at work? Do you have an occupational illness? Learn about your rights and Nevada law. Click on the Info Center for helpful articles, and read our blog for the latest news. [...]

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Las Vegas Virginia Hunt, LLC is proud to announce that we have expanded our portfolio of services for lawyers in Reno and Las Vegas. We now can offer website design, search engine optimization, social media integration, reputation management, Google Places, Pay Per Click and video creation/optimization. If you’re an attorney and would like [...]

Internet Marketing for Attorneys | Lawyer Websites

I hear this all the time; I have a website already, that’s all I need. Really, that’s all you need? So why is it you’re not getting any business from it? There’s a perfectly good answer, no one is finding it. I try to use the illustration of a billboard [...]

Reno Internet Marketing for Attorneys

I’ve received quite a few calls lately with questions about whether or not an employer can be sued for firing someone without any notice. I’m not an attorney so this can’t be accepted as legal advice but the short answer is often times no. Nevada is an employer-at-will state. That [...]

Can I hire a Las Vegas Attorney if I was ...

We here at care only about changing the reputation of attorneys across the country. Almost every day I read something in the news about an attorney or someone holding a high position in the legal field getting caught for an unscrupulous act. We must all work together to make [...]

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