Ask your Attorney if they are Certified Ethical!

We here at care only about changing the reputation of attorneys across the country. Almost every day I read something in the news about an attorney or someone holding a high position in the legal field getting caught for an unscrupulous act. We must all work together to make sure the lawyers we work with are held to the highest standards possible. You have a choice when you seek legal counsel. When you choose an attorney make sure to ask them if they are Certified Ethical. They probably won’t know what that means but they need to. It means that they have passed a very thorough background check with us and the bar associations and have been deemed ethical and trustworthy. A 3rd party has determined that they are ethical and trustworthy. If they aren’t Certified Ethical, find out why. Tell them that they need to be or that you won’t hire them. If attorneys start to lose business because potential clients have question marks about their ethics, don’t you think that will make them think twice?

So if you’re looking for an attorney in Reno or Las Vegas, please make sure to ask they attorney if they are Certified Ethical. If you are looking for an attorney that has already been certified, please go to

Together we can make a change. Thanks.