Reno Internet Marketing for Attorneys

I hear this all the time; I have a website already, that’s all I need. Really, that’s all you need? So why is it you’re not getting any business from it? There’s a perfectly good answer, no one is finding it.

I try to use the illustration of a billboard in the middle of the desert. You can have the nicest billboard in the world, with everything that everyone needs to know about your business. You have the phone number on there, a great picture of you and you sit back and expect the phone to start to ring. I’m sure you see where I’m going with this. No one calls you because no one knows it’s there. You can give people directions and the address and then maybe they can see it but there are no roads to get there and since no one lives in the desert they certainly aren’t going to drive by and see it.

The connection here is that consumers live on Google. Our site get’s 72% of it’s traffic as a result of Google and other search engines. You have to tell Google where to find you and make sure that you build your website with the proper driving directions. This is called search engine optimization. It’s not enough to only have a great website. A large majority of people will turn to their mobile device or their computer and go straight to Google to look up whatever it is they need at the moment. Think about your own tendencies as a consumer. You don’t want to be the business that can’t be found on page 1 of Google because I can guarantee you that your competition is already working on it!

Here’s another mind blower: Recognizable phone numbers don’t even matter anymore because you don’t need them. I had an attorney tell me that they spent a lot of money on a unique phone number. Waste of money, I told him. When you can go to Google on your phone, type in what you’re looking for, hit a button and make the call, you don’t need to remember anything anymore. I can remember phone numbers from my childhood but I can’t even remember my mom’s phone number because it’s stored in my phone and I don’t have to remember it. Do you think that I’m actually going to remember a number I see on a billboard by the time I get home? Unless you’re going to spend millions of dollars each year on jingles, billboards and tv/radio ads, a unique phone number is absolutely worthless.

So, take your hard earned money and invest it in what works: search engine marketing. It’s proven to work and with social media integration, it’s all you really need. Call, LLC today for a free consultation. Thanks!