The man burns in 4 days! Please remember to be safe while you’re out there. Also, please keep in mind that law enforcement will be present on the playa. If you happen to get arrested or receive a ticket while out at Burning Man, it is important to know who [...]

Burning Man Lawyer

Since we have a large ad in the yellow pages, we get a lot of phone calls with people looking for an attorney to help them with their particular legal situation. I received a call this morning from a person that had purchased spoiled chicken from a store and they [...]

So you want to sue someone?

I ask that I remain anonymous but I wanted to share my experiences with Haines and Kreiger in Las Vegas. Here’s the e-mail that was sent to Thank you for your prompt response. I went to Haines & Kreiger when working with Citi Mortgage trying to get my mortgage [...]

Haines and Kreiger Las Vegas Law Firm review

I’m not even going to say the name of the firm that is advertising this on their tv spots. I’m personally disgusted by this. Supposedly the law firm is bringing in tons of new clients as a result of their claim that they will help you with your mortgage. I [...]

Las Vegas Attorneys telling homeowners not to pay their mortgages

We get a lot of calls from people that have a legal question or situation and need some help. In talking to them I realize a couple of things. 1. The Yellow Pages is a horrible place to try to find an attorney. That is if you can even still [...]

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The Law Office of Virginia Hunt only represents injured workers with Nevada workers’ compensation claims. Have you been hurt at work? Do you have an occupational illness? Learn about your rights and Nevada law. Click on the Info Center for helpful articles, and read our blog for the latest news. [...]

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