Las Vegas Attorneys telling homeowners not to pay their mortgages

I’m not even going to say the name of the firm that is advertising this on their tv spots. I’m personally disgusted by this. Supposedly the law firm is bringing in tons of new clients as a result of their claim that they will help you with your mortgage. I personally have experienced hardships with work and had to make some sacrifices in order to pay my mortgage. I didn’t go out looking for a handout and I certainly didn’t try to find a way to screw my bank. “But the banks have so much money”, I hear people saying. Guess what, it hurts you and I far more than it hurts the bank. When I went to refinance my home and try to take advantage of the historically low interest rates, the comparisons used for my appraisals were homes that people were walking away from and that brought the values down by another 15%. I had to come up with another 15% just to be able to refinance. Are there some people that need to walk away from their homes because of a lost job or misfortune? Of course there are. The troubling thing is that Las Vegas attorneys are taking advantage of this and encouraging others that are able to pay their mortgages to also walk away from their home. When you sign the papers on your home you are expected to pay for that loan, plain and simple. It’s a moral requirement for you to do so. That may mean you don’t go out to fancy restaurants every weekend. You may actually have to budget or make some sacrifices. That’s what you’re supposed to do when things get tight around the home. Please, if you’re considering not paying your mortgage but you have the ability to do so with some financial maneuvering, think twice about it. You aren’t just hurting the banks, you’re hurting your neighbors, your family and your friends. Don’t let this firm benefit from their deceit.