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I ask that I remain anonymous but I wanted to share my experiences with Haines and Kreiger in Las Vegas. Here’s the e-mail that was sent to AttorneyGuide.com.

Thank you for your prompt response. I went to Haines & Kreiger when working with Citi Mortgage trying to get my mortgage payment reduced. They were supposedly working with me and then one day after I spoke to someone there and was gathering more information they slapped foreclosure paper on me.
When going to Haines & Krieger I was informed that the only way to stop this was to go into Chapter 13. I did so. Since I have retained them I have been misinformed frequently and it is a constant battle to get anyone on the phone or to return an e-mail or phone message. I have in writing things that I was told to do and then out of no where no warning I would get documents from the courts. For example: I was told by David Kreiger that my first payment to the trustee was Sept 8th I made the payment and continued making payments. I was late on making one of my payments and all of a sudden I get a notice of a hearing and my Chapter 13 was being dismissed, once again getting no cooperation from my attorneys, I did some research and found out the reason was because of non-payment of August payment. I have in writing from Haines & Kreiger that I was not to worry about the payment they would take care of it. There are 3 or 4 more things that follow this.
The problem right now that I am having is that financial problems have caused me not to be able to make my June payment and there was a hearing last week. I have left e-mails and phone messages regarding what will happen and if I can make the payments this week can I get reinstated. NOTHING, not a return message no response. The only time I ever get anything out of them is when I get angry and then very little. My future is on the line here and I need to know if I have any grounds for malpractice. I have paid them $2000.00 up front and they take the balance in the payments. If you need more information please let me know.

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    Maybe your mortgage case was too far along for the “Hail Mary” or the final hours in the day of, in the final minutes of, and now in the final seconds of sacrificing and exhausting every last resource in effort to salvage a bad deal to begin with and what you need is an miracle from god, not two fine lawyers! Haines and Kreiger did my Bankruptcy dated ‘Filed’ Sept 2006 and was ‘discharged’ completely Dec 27, 2006 (exactly 3months later)!! Go Figure HUH? MAYBE they had better office punch in those days! ALL I SUGGEST IS WITH ANOTHER LAWYER or set an appt time and BE THERE until you get one on one w/the Big guy! Stay there as long as it takes and isolate yourselves, just you and HE! He’s a very sharp guy when you get him to slow down on one isolated problem at time! They’ll get it done!