2 More Reno/Las Vegas Lawyers Suspended by Nevada Supreme Court 1

The Nevada Supreme Court has suspended two more attorneys from practicing within the state.  Robert Weatherford had pleaded twice to driving under the influence of alcohol and was sentenced to up to 60 months in prison.  Susana Ragos Chung plead guilty for submitting false and fraudulent claims for con-men who staged auto accidents.

Please, check out your attorney with us before you give them a penny.  You need to have an honest and trustworthy attorney.  These are another 2 examples of attorneys that would be unable to serve you.  Allow us to point you in the right direction, for whatever legal issue you’re dealing with.  I can’t tell you enough times how important that is.  We’ll keep you sharing these stories with you until the legal community realizes that they are being held accountable for their actions.   You have a choice in who you choose to represent you, don’t ever forget that!

  • Serious

    No surprise for Weatherford. His ethics lacked hugely in my divorce, Weatherford owes me money for a 52″ and broke our agreement blaming others. Very irresponsible!!!