Haines and Krieger Las Vegas Lawyer Review

This is a verified review of the Haines and Krieger law firm in Las Vegas, NV.

On 22 October 2010, I made an appointment with Haines and Krieger Law Office for a Loan Modification Consultation. After the appointment I hired the Law Firm to represent me for a loan modification. This Law Firm has over 20 years experience almost exclusively helping consumers like me and they have helped tens of thousands of people with foreclosure or other financial-related issues. Unfortunately there has been a change of events that say otherwise about this Law Firm. These lawyers believe that clients retain them strictly because of their legal skills and insights. As a client I assumed that their law office had the requisite excellent level of skill that I expected from the start. Whenever I made a call to the office I never got directly thru to speak with someone, it was always a recorded message that I left, and it was rare that I got a call back the same day. As a client I felt like I had to chase someone down just to find out what was going on with my case. The whole time that I’ve been with the firm as a client I never met a lawyer until a week ago. Should you investigate this case you will see that I have had over ten people assigned to my case at one time or another and none of them seem to know what the hell they were doing, maybe it’s because they were paralegals instead of lawyers! I raised this question up multiple times to a lawyer with the firm whom I had the pleasure of meeting for 5mins after me complaining several times. Now after a year of this I got a call from the office saying that my house was sold today! They never offered to mediate for me even after I told them I wanted to sit down and do so. All the accusation that I mention above are true and I kept all the email traffic from beginning to present to back me up!  No one deserves to be treated and misrepresent with the banks like the way I have with this Law Firm. They even had my sell date showing 1 Jan 2011 even after I raised the question to them multiple times that this is not correct. I look forward to your reply and a resolution to my situation with Haines ad Krieger. As of right now I want to explorer all my legal options as a former client with them and as a retired military veteran who is seeking to stay in his home.