Be aware of Barry Levinson Lawyer Las Vegas

A very disturbing article came out of the Las Vegas Review in which it states that the Nevada State Bar is looking very closely at Barry Levinson,  a well known Las Vegas attorney.  The State Bar has reason to believe that “in short, Levinson has repeatedly misappropriated funds and has compounded his misconduct by repeatedly lying to clients and the State Bar regarding his delay in disbursing funds to the appropriate parties,” according to the bar in a 24-page complaint filed late last week. “Levinson’s lies, combined with his failure to cooperate, constitute an obstruction to the State Bar’s investigation, as does Levinson’s failure to provide information requested.”

This is extremely disturbing to us.  If you take a look at Barry Levinson’s online presence, he has a website, a legal advice radio show and a legal advice blog.  People have used him for bankruptcies and any other number of legal services.  People depend on him for his sound legal expertise.

As we always say, please do your due diligence and don’t just take reviews online for granted.  We can assist you with your search for an attorney.  Please go to and use our search function to find an attorney.  We’ve done all the work so you don’t have to.  Thanks very much.