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This is probably the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life.   A guy from New York goes to Las Vegas, gets a hooker, paid for an hour of her services and then she leaves after a half hour.  He’s left “unsatisfied” so he first complains to the LVPD [...]

Any Las Vegas Lawyer want to take this case?

I have a complicated case. I used to live in Las Vegas but I now live in Los Angeles. I was born in Chicago & my legal problem is the state of Illinois made an error when I was born & its left me without a birth record. What can [...]

Need help with a case

Our goal of this blog is to get real people to give real reviews.  I’ve noticed lately that the Google reviews are just fabrications, used to make the attorney look good.  Below is an example.  It doesn’t say who the review was from but from the sound of it, I [...]

Lawyer reviews for Reno and Las Vegas