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Attorney Name: Marylin Smith
Practice Area: Divorce/Custody

I must admit, when I first saw Marilyn’s yellow page ad, I didn’t know if her practice truly provided this much hope and empowerment, or if it was simply playing off the desperation of fathers. After my interview, however, I realized that Marilyn and her firm were indeed, well qualified for representation. I literally stopped my attorney interview process right then. She is a great family law lawyer in Reno, NV.

My divorce and custody case was very complex and hampered with malicious accusations. Systematically, though, I prevailed in almost every single aspect up for decision including custody. Moreover, I additionally attained attorney fee awards. Marilyn’s representation was paramount in these decisions and I owe it to her firm’s approach of not just basing their practice off the law, but also off of a conviction of principle, and other intrinsic standards that help guide a zealous representation to a respectable conclusion.

Another concern put to rest, was how Marilyn’s representation was able to repeatedly overcome  whatever surfaced from a stereotypical “shark” attorney serving as opposing counsel. Marilyn has always taken the “high-road” approach without compromising my interests, rights, or what simply made sense. Family Court would be a much better place if there were more attorneys involved in this system representative of her standards and practices. I have always been proud and honored to be represented by Marilyn. I will always be in awe of Marilyn and her firm’s ability, integrity and intelligence.

Finally, I will always be indebted to Marilyn’s representation, patience, humor, and especially her unwavering belief in me as a person and a father.

I would most definitely refer her to my best friend.

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    I too have worked with Marylin Smith and found her services to be excellent.

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    I too have worked with Marylin Smith and found her service to be excellent.

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    We don’t live in Nevada, but our son will soon need help in the area of Family Law. He is a college student in California, and we live in the Midwest. How to find a lawyer in Reno without any personal recommendations? This blog will offer a wealth of information to him and to us. It addresses the concerns we have – how to find reputable legal help in an unfamiliar location for a client who has absolutely no experience in the area of family law – potentially going up against local domestic veterans.

    Based on this thread, we’ll definitely be giving Marylin Smith a closer look.

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    Please contact us first before going to Marilyn. I’d like to give you a couple of names to choose from and then you can talk to each one and see who you like the best. Thanks!