Review of Las Vegas Lawyer Jordan M. Garcia of Vohwinkel and Associates Law

I just thought I would share a review I received today. There are definitely good attorneys out there. Please do your homework and use our site before you hire an attorney.

Name : Russell Upp
TxtEmail :
Message : I have the unfortunate problem of having a ex wife that loves to go to court for my daughter on a monthly basis and I have been thru 5-6 lawyers over the last 13 yrs for divorce and child support and child custody so a little of all the single father reasons and I was lucky enough to finally be referred to Jordan M. Garcia of Vohwinkel and Associates Law at 4785 S. Durango Dr Suite 206 Las Vegas NV 89147 (702)838-7522
He has been a breath of fresh air in what usually one of the worst things I have to go through and I really appreciate his concern and easy going nature that helps you get past the anger and get down to business and he is also one of the most professional lawyers I have had the pleasure of dealing with and you can tell he really likes having the ability to help people see that the judicial system can be a fair and honest system because before him I was losing faith in it fast.
If you are in need of a great lawyer you need to give him a call and see what I mean and if you want to call me to help make up your mind please feel free and my name is Russell Upp and i’m a local real estate agent here in Las Vegas and my number is (702)234-7305