Las Vegas Chief Deputy District Attorney Arrested on Drug Charges

Is there anyone left to trust? The news of Chief Deputy District Attorney David Shubert being arrested on Saturday night for possession of rock cocaine has once again rattled the legal community. If you’re not aware of who he is exactly or his role, the Chief Deputy DA was responsible for handling high profile drug cases for Las Vegas Nevada. He handled the cases of Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars. Now investigators must go through all of his previous cases to make sure there was nothing wrong in the way he handled them.

I’m just saddened to hear this news. It comes as no surprise since we are all susceptible to falling from grace. It’s certainly more disturbing though when it happens to someone that we put in charge of enforcing the law and keeping us safe. This is just one more reason why we focus all of our time and energy on screening attorneys and making sure they are ethical so that you can trust them and know that they will handle your case in an honorable way. What happened to David Schubert came as a shock to everyone and I can’t say that all of our attorneys are perfect but we take what we do very seriously and try to connect you with the most trustworthy lawyers in Las Vegas.

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