Glenn Lerner tainting the reputation of NV Lawyers 1

The legal community is appalled by Glenn Lerner and his desire to exploit the victims of the recent tragedy at the Reno Air Races. Within only a few days, he has set up a website to “offer free case evaluations” and try to cash in. Please be aware, Mr. Lerner has absolutely no previous experience in working in aviation safety cases, air races, or other mass casualty events. As a matter of fact, he has been disciplined by the NV Supreme Court (124 Nev.Adv.Op. 100, 197 P.3d 1067) and missed the first day of a murder trial, claiming he was out of state on “sabbatical!” See LV Review-Journal article. There are very good lawyers out there that do in fact have experience working in these types of cases and aren’t out to exploit the victims. Please contact us to give you a referral to a Certified Ethical Attorney. Trust me, Glenn Lerner will never be a member of Thanks.

  • Amelia

    It is unfortunate that there are lawyers like that out there that will take advantage of people during an already difficult time.  I’m grateful for services such as this that help provide a quality Reno lawyer.