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All attorneys listed with AttorneyGuide have been Certified Ethical for your protection.



  • Attorneys are prescreened and in exemplary standing with the local and state bar associations.

  • No public discipline actions have ever been taken against any of our member attorneys.

  • Attorneys are rescreened every 60 days.

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Search For An Attorney

AttorneyGuide certifies that all attorneys listed on its website are prescreened and in good standing with the local and state bar associations.  AttorneyGuide has done the research to assure that it will provide only trustworthy attorneys with a proven history of moral and ethical standards.

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Legal Form Store

Legal Form Store is your source for all things legal-related in Nevada.  In addition to providing an attorney directory of only Certified Ethical™ attorneys we also provide legal forms.  If you are looking for a legally binding document at a low cost please consider one of…

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Legal Info and Reviews

Legal Info and Reviews maintains a forum for reviews on many Nevada attorneys. Share your experience about Nevada attorneys. Click here for free legal information, more information about, answers to general questions and help on how to hire…

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Featured Attorney

Richard Harris

Richard Harris - Featured Attorney

Richard Harris is the managing partner at Harris Injury Lawyers. Widely regarded by his peers, Rick is regularly consulted by other lawyers for his expertise in personal injury law. Rick graduated from Western High School in Las Vegas before earning a degree cum laude in Communications from Brigham Young University. While...

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